Our Advantage

  • Extensive employee training program
  • Rigorous sub-contractor prequalification process
  • Fabrication facilities at all locations
  • Managed safety program
  • In-house AWS- (American Welding Society) certified welding inspectors
  • Code piping and pressure vessel quality control program:
    • ASME “PP”, “S” & “U” certifications
    • NBIC (National Board Inspections Code) “R” certification
  • Welders certified to ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), AWS or P.M.I. specifications
  • Structural steel quality control program:
    • AWS
    • ASTM (American Society for Testing Metals)
    • AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction)
  • Certified Hydrostatic Testing
    • State Lands hydrostatic testing
    • State Fire Marshall
    • Coast Guard hydrostatic testing
    • DOT hydrostatic testing

To all this, you can add our parent company, EMCOR's financial strength and broad range of cross-industry solutions that effectively address today's most significant facilities challenges. The result is complete industrial, mechanical and construction services.