Quality Control

PMI welder performing custom welding servicesTo help ensure you get outstanding quality control for all your projects, Performance Mechanical, Inc. (PMI) uses a unique and sophisticated set of programs in our quality control department.

Our Director of Quality coordinates with our full-time staff of Regional QC Managers and Site QC Inspectors to develop, implement, and deliver our quality control system, which includes:

  • Using industry-accepted materials
  • Following all applicable codes and standards
  • Identifying quality issues
  • Recommending best practices and resolutions
  • Implementing solutions
  • Delivering superior workmanship

Helping You Achieve the Highest Quality Standards

Quality Control 2_@_350x263 (1).jpgBecause the diversity of projects we manage involve a wide range of codes and customer specifics, we’re constantly evolving and fine-tuning our field expertise and documentation to the fit your project requirements. We hold every project we perform to the strictest quality standards, so we can help you reach and exceed yours.

PMI’s Quality Program AdvantagesQualified, Certified and Satisfied - ASME & National Board Inspection Code logos

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Petroleum Institute, and American Welding Society (AWS) quality programs
  • ASME Code Stamps “S” and “PP” for shop/field fabrication and assembly
  • National Board Inspection Code “R” stamp for boiler/vessel repairs and alterations
  • Site-specific Inspection and Test Plans and quality plans created for each project to ensure compliance with local, state, federal, and customer rules and regulations
  • More than 250 approved welding procedures covering carbon, stainless, chrome, steel, and many other material types
  • Quality control inspectors certified in accordance with American Society for Nondestructive Testing TC 1a and/or AWS-QC1 for visual examinations
  • AWS Certified Welding Inspectors
  • American Petroleum Institute inspectors - API 570 and API 653