Meet The Executive Team

Andy HOSLER bio picture

Andy Hosler
President & CEO

Dimitri HROVAT bio picture

Dimitri Hrovat
Vice President & CFO

Kevin M. PARKER bio picture

Kevin M. Parker
Senior Vice President

Dave SINDICIC bio picture

Dave Sindicic, CHST
Safety Director

Larry ALLEN bio picture

Larry Allen
IT Manager

Christian GUGLIEMO bio picture

Christian Gugliemo
Manager of Estimating

Jonathan HOSLER bio picture

Jonathan Hosler
HVAC Manager

Spenser DAVIS bio picture

Spenser Davis
Director of Quality

Steve KRAAK bio picture

Steve Kraak
Northern California
Operations Manager

Jack MALASANI bio picture

Jack Malisani
General Manager
Southern California

Rick Carpenter bio picture

Rick M. Carpenter
General Manager
Sacramento Region