At Performance Mechanical, Inc. (PMI), safety is job #1.

Our saftey programs have enabled us to win many awards and recognition including our Southern California branch being the first contractors’ facility to become certified by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health’s Voluntary Protection Program (Cal/VPP). The California Voluntary Protection Program (Cal/VPP) recognizes employers and their employees who have implemented safety and health programs that effectively prevent and control occupational hazards.

Management commitment and employee participation are key elements in achieving Cal/VPP recognition. These establishments are considered to be leaders in the field of workplace safety and health. Successful applicants approved for participation in the program receive state and national recognition and are exempt from Cal/OSHA programmed inspections.

The Gardena branch of PMI does shop fabrication, steam and combustion turbine installation and HVAC hydronics. Even before it achieved VPP Star certification, safety was always a priority for the company.

In 2012, PMI achieved a recordable injury rate of 0.00 percent, a first it its 26-year history. The company has recently managed to exceed 11 million man hours without a lost-time injury.

Workers Compensation Insurance Experience Modification Rate

(as evidenced in Workers' Compensation insurance premiums)

2012 2013 2014 2015
.57 .68 .52 .52

Total Recordable Injury Rate
(by OSHA formula)

2012 2013 2014 2015
0 .19 .30 .53

Total Lost Time Incident Rate
(by OSHA formula)

2012 2013 2014 2015
0 0 0 0

Be There For Life! ZERO Accident Program

EMCOR and its 75+ operating companies strive for an accident-free environment.

EMCOR’s safety performance is far better than the Bureau of Labor Statistics industry averages, with a rate of injury that is consistently 60%-75% lower than our competitors.The performance has been recognized by the CNA Insurance Company and many others as an industry standard-setter.

One reason is our intense focus on good work practices to reduce the inherent risk in our work environment and prevent risky behavior. Good performance is achieved when this message is reinforced with our effective and ongoing safety reminder campaign— this time reminding our employees to BE VIGILANT, and that injuries don’t announce…they pounce.