EMCOR Group Safety
Excellence Award

EMCOR Safety Award: 2020 Winner of Industrial Services Safety ExcellenceThanks to consistently impressive safety metrics and a robust safety program  enthusiastically backed by management, PMI has received a 2020 EMCOR Group Safety Excellence Award.

PMI’s top management is deeply committed to developing exceptional safety standards, rooted in an organization-wide culture. They have put together a thorough training program, created a Job Hazard Analysis process that receives meaningful input from field leadership, and invested in a number of other innovative safety practices.

One of the most impressive pieces of PMI’s program is their “White Card” safety improvement process. Employees at all levels of the organization are encouraged to submit cards with suggestions of potential safety improvements. Submissions can be made anonymously, for sensitive topics, or employees can identify themselves and potentially be recognized for their important input. Suggestions are reviewed by the entire management team who determine what steps can be taken to implement or correct the suggestion. The collective review process helps to ensure that submissions are handled diligently and  not the burden of a single individual.

Practices like these have helped PMI build buy-in to their safety program across  the entirety of the company, resulting  in outstanding safety performance year after year.

PMI Injury and Incidence Frequency Data:

Average number of employees, 2020:  251
Average number of employees, 2019:  329

Percent of self-performed hours worked, 2020:  100%
Percent of self-performed hours worked, 2019:  100%

Total employee hours worked, 2020:  433,930
Total employee hours worked, 2019:  588,449

Recordable incidence rate, 2020:  0.00
Recordable incidence rate, 2019:  0.00

DART rate, 2020:  0.00
DART rate, 2019:  0.00